Contact Information

Do you want to get a hold of me? Since I disabled comments on my blog to prevent spammers, haters, bots and the like, you can’t just “leave a message” for me to read. Instead I have a couple of e-mails, a Facebook page, and some IRC channels you can use to get my attention. Keep in mind if you e-mail me and your message ends up in my spam, it might get deleted. When sending me an e-mail be sure to make the subject something that sticks out so it will get my attention and not be neglected. If you get me on Facebook, be nice. If you spam my chat up or are rude to me, your message will be ignored and you will be blocked. If you get me on Skype, don’t initiate a voice call. If you want to make a voice call, at least make sure I at least know who you are.¬† As for IRC, I am on two different servers. Look below for that information. Now that you know my guidelines, listed below are the methods of which you can get a hold of me.

Discord ID: Chirp#0720
Xbox Gamertag: Bytechirp

E-Mail: Ask to have access.


IRC 1: irc:// | nerd
IRC 2: irc:// | chirp