Personal Information

How old is Alex? What is his favorite color? Is he afraid to fly? What does he look like? The answers are 30, green, yes and spooky scary hide the kids. This picture was taken on May 4, 2015 so it is kinda out of date. I am the guy on the far right; I’m rocking in my vocaloid t-shirt. Below are a few things about me that might change your mind on who I am!


Name:  Alex Gardner
Birthday:  February 10
Age:  30
Place I Live:  Missouri, USA
Favorite Band:  Three Days Grace
Favorite TV Show:  Bill Nye the Science Guy
Favorite Cartoon:  Rugrats
Favorite Anime:  Azumanga Daioh
Favorite Manga:  Dragon Ball
Favorite Movie:  Milo & Otis
Favorite Animal:  Cat
Favorite Food:  Meat Loaf
Favorite Video Game:  Lufia and the Fortress of Doom
Favorite Book:  Fahrenheit 451