Just Dreamy

I have been having weird ass dreams as of late. If I manage to sleep at all (I was up all night last night). They have gone from being unmanageable nightmares to dreams that just make me want to give a big “what the fuck?” I am on a medication for PTSD and nightmares. I must say that it works rather well; it just relives it a bit though, it is by no means a fix. I still have a nightmare every once in a while.

Take my dream earlier on in the week for example. I dreamt that the Earth was destroyed and I was reincarnated on another planet in another galaxy. The strange thing is I remember my past life on Earth. I live my life up to age 23; still remembering and insisting on my past life. They think that I am insane and I wind up being locked up in a facility. Here’s where it really gets weird. ALL of my friends are in the same facility and it is haunted. This isn’t a scary dream, but rather a dream that makes me question my own beliefs.

A rather cool dream I have been having is when I just run. I don’t have a purpose in life; I am just a running man. I hit up bars and drink my fill of alcohol. I keep running and running until at some point time just slows down. Eventually aliens abduct me and I wake up.

The only recurring nightmare I have now deals with tornadoes. I was in the May 22, 2011 tornado and it put me in a state of PTSD. I just go about my day until around 6:00pm the skies get dark and creepy. Mom and I get in the basement at our old house that was actually destroyed in the storm. The tornado hits hard and everything goes into slow motion and we both (Buttons included) get sucked up in the vortex and I wake up.

So yeah, I have pretty weird dreams. I also have trouble falling asleep.

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