Storm Celebration

Ah the days just keep flying by. The storms here in this part of the states are flaring up a fair amount. The tornadoes are being good this year and are avoiding the town. Instead the bastards took out the area around the city! It is supposed to storm all week long; the creeks were way out of bank a week ago. I didn’t take any pictures but you can trust me that the water situation is way out of control; we do NOT need any more rain!

Spotify is great, I don’t know why I didn’t get into it earlier! I use the free version. The only downside are the ads, but I can get past that! 90 seconds of ads for five to seven songs! I set up my laptop next to my bed and turn Spotify on and crash to it.

Here is some good news. Ashley and I are going to be celebrating one year of being together this coming June 20th. The year flew by very quickly. I can honestly say that I love this woman. There have been some downs, but there have also been far more ups! Here’s to a full year and many more!