Movin’ on up; to the Free Side!

I have some great news! After many years of living with my loving, annoying parents, I get to move out on my own (again). When I was 20, I had a pretty damn sweet apartment setup and was loving my life. Things went south a bit, and I had to give it up and move back in with my parents. Eight years later I get to have another shot. On August 14th, I will be moving out to a similar apartment program.

I will be living on a tight budget, but it is nothing that I can’t get used to. There will be new rules for me to follow but I will be strong! I will be getting rid of cable TV and eating lightly, but like I said earlier, I will endure! I have many games and moveies to watch and play. The program is by no means easy, but it is doable. When I was out at 20, I went thru a similar program!

I’m movin’ on up!


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