Back to the Past

I had a tiny breakthrough hallucination earlier today. For one brief moment I could swear that I saw my deceased Uncle Richard. I was on the trolley bus, sitting in the rear as I usually do to avoid people, and some man got on to the bus. I was in shock at first. It took a good solid but I thought to myself, “He’s dead so why can I see him here; it doesn’t make any sense at all.” So after some deep thinking and a few derp slaps to my forehead, I dismissed it as the hallucination it is. This was my first breakthrough in a good month or two. Other than that I am just fine!

I am looking for a good anime and/or video game community that is active to join. If anyone that reads this knows of one, please e-mail me or message me on Facebook or even on IRC if I am on. My contact information is on my contact information page. That’s all for now! ~bye

Posted on July 24, 2017, 6:42 pm By
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