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Fatty Fatty Bye Bye!

Well I have had it. I am sick of being overweight! This past Sunday, the 27th, I started counting my calories. I have started exercising for at least 45 minutes for five days a week. I will weigh every Sunday and hope for a loss of three pounds per week. I have made a .pdf to count my way through this journey. I list my caloric intake, weight, and weight loss. There isn’t much on it so I will keep it private for a few weeks. I do plan on releasing it to the public soon though. I will say this: I have never been this heavy in my life… things need to change!

*eats a carrot* bye!

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Speaking of Games and Anime…

This past month has had its ups and downs. I have not been out and about so much this month as I would like to be. I have been playing a lot of games. I am pretty much off of Fallout 4; the computer hacking isn’t up to my tastes. I have been mostly playing AION. I recently got a copy of Final Fantasy XV. I am ashamed to say that I have not begun gameplay as I also acquired a the first series of Naruto and am watching that!

I got back into chess club last Sunday. I came out 4-1-2! That broke down to 2 checkmates, 2 forced to resign to me, one loss and 2 stalemates. Not too shabby if I must say; I could have done better if my opponents weren’t so damn good at the game.

Ferg is trying to help me to learn German. I am not giving up on my Japanese studies! I also need to work on my English; I am fluent in it as I was raised in the United States, but my mental condition sort of “hinders” my speech in a way that makes me very hard to understand! So I am working on two foreign languages and my spoken English. Wish me luck!