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Finished Title and a Good Score

I finished the last episode of Gamers! yesterday. They left it in a cliffhanger position. Will they continue their gaming? What will happen with the “love pentagon” they have going on? I love this show and I really hope they do make a second season. Speaking of good anime, I got word thanks to MAL, that there may be Toaru Majutsu no Index III. Another sequel to the Magical Index series (and lets not forget the Railgun series). A second season of One Punch Man is also on the way soon, but I have no idea when it is coming out.

I went bowling today and had a blast! My high score was 109; I averaged 96 points. Considering I usually average in the 45-50 range, I did quite well. My all time high is 157, but I think that was a fluke :p

Now it is time to play on my N64 and go grocery shopping later. See you guys later~ :)

He’s Lean, Mean, & Green!

Today I did something I haven’t done since high school. I did a 5K :D. I decided to look at the televisions they had mounted up, and about 30 minutes later I peeked at my distance and it said 5.1 Kilometers! I was shocked at to how easy it was, I wasn’t winded at all! I also did some lat, bicep, delt and some ab work on the side. I never thought I’d enjoy aerobics until now!

I’m excited! Now I’m gonna clean up and game for a bit :)

Fishy Business and Such

This past Thursday I went to the Neosho Fishing Hatchery in Neosho, Missouri. At first I thought that it was going to be a boring, run of the mill, trip to see a bunch of lame fish. Boy howdy was I wrong! I have never seen a full grown sturgeon until now. Those things can grow to be huuuuuuuge! I wonder how aggressive they are; there were also large and small mouth bass in the same tank. There was a pond where you can feed the fish. There were bass and rainbow trout in the pond, I didn’t see any sturgeons in the pond. You were allotted two cups of food. I took my time feeding the suckers bit by bit at first, but then I tossed an entire cup in the pond at once. It was like watching a royal rumble XD. There were also a few huge tanks full of minnows–they were cute :).

I need ideas for a project in either Java or Python. My bot idea flopped because I have no idea what to add to it. Weather bots and trivia bots are so cliched. I am thinking of a simple game where the guy just jumps over obstacles, but that’s been done to death, too. It’s gotta be something in Java or Python, I don’t find much interest in C#, C++, C or the like. I am more comfortable in Python and am getting used to Java. Just pitch me some ideas on Facebook, shoot me an e-mail or use any other contact methods.

I finished watching a mini-series called Sinner. It came on USA and lasted eight episodes. I am not going to go into much detail about it other than it kicks some serious ass. Informaiton can be found right here:

Now it is time for some TV. New seasons on great and new shows are coming on tonight!

Picnic Basket!

I went on a picnic today. The heat was unbearable, but the food was fantastic! It was at Shimmerhorn Park in Galena, Kansas. There was a pretty cool cave about a mile into the center of the park. The temperature was at least fifteen degrees cooler inside the cave; there was a small river running inside! The cave was meant to explore! I think I saw some baby stalactites!

There was also a nifty nature center at the top of a huge hill. They had snakes, turtles, bugs, and even… TARANTULAS! I also learned how to skip rocks! I managed to skip a rock three times in one throw.

It went great until I started having asthma problems; I made it through alive, though, so not to worry! I am looking forward to going to the fish hatchery tomorrow.

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Old Consoles Live Hard

Managed to get my 64 working. Needs a new controller; my current one has a loose joystick. I can still play, though! I don’t know what to play… I think I’ll pop in Super Mario 64! If only I had my old SNES; the tornado took it back in May 2011. Oh well, I’m going to watch TV and play SM64!

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