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September is on its Way

August has been a great month. I moved into my new apartment and broke away from my parent’s clutches! I got to go bowling, play put put, go to a wonderful buffet and went on a road trip!

In September I am going to the zoo. It is a $4 entrance fee; well worth it! I am always like a little kid when I am at the zoo. The zoo we are going to is in Springfield, MO, so here’s to another road trip!

Once my 30 day stay is over (on September 11) I might be on the hunt for a job. It will be a tough fight but there is a job coach to help me every step of the way.

I have a bad cough, my voice is going away and my energy levels are way low. I might see a doctor on Friday if my symptoms persist. Hope I make it all right!

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Just. Plain. Incredible

Today was a fun day. Myself along with about thirty other people went to Incredible Pizza in Springfield, MO. The 80 minute road trip was fun enough, but there was an all you can eat buffet to boot! After stuffing myself with nachos and cola, I hit the arcade they had there. I had a free five dollar pass. I spent $3 on a crane game and failed miserably. I spent the last two bucks on a DDR style game. It was on a piano; it was a ton of fun. We were there until 1:30pm and got back on the bus (I was in a van :p) and hit the road back to home. What a great day it was! Tomorrow we are going bowling. I might luck out and play some chess beforehand!

I have 18 days left on my probation. After that I can hang out with my buds Ferg and H (nicknames) and maybe visit others in different towns. I can also go to the video store and rent some games once I get paid. I am still hooked on Diablo III: Reaper of Souls but I want another game to break up the play circle so I don’t get bored with it. I can also get back into Aura Kingdom.

I have the latest two episodes of Dragon Ball Super that I need to watch. At the moment the fluff : action ratio is about 1 : 2 so it’s sort of interesting atm.

I suppose I need to game a bit and browse Facebook. So I’m gonna watch DBS, post on Facebook, and finally put some Aura Kingdom time in! Ja~!

Net Back Up and Apartment Running

I finally have internet back at my place. This cable internet is 3x faster than my old net by leaps and bounds. I downloaded a torrent at almost 1.8-2mbps; my old speed clocked in at 350kbps. I wonder what my cap is; I wasn’t told that I have one. I don’t download much anything except anime.

I am loving my new place so much. My mother decided to take bunches of pictures and post them on Facebook for everyone to find. Having a place all to myself is a hoot and a half. I have to participate in “groups” but that isn’t much of a big deal. Every Thursday or Friday (or both) we go out and have fun. Last Friday we went to put put; tomorrow we are travelling to Springfield, MO to hit up “Incredible Pizza”. It’s a buffet that is similar to Golden Corral, so I’m sure to enjoy it!

With living on my own it is up to me to cook and clean to keep the uptake of the place. I have seen other’s apartments and they are messy and smelly. I plan on keeping this place spot on the cleanliness. I love to cook, but I dread the cleaning. Once it’s all done, I get a full belly and a clean kitchen! I have no dishwasher so I got to do it all by hand… no biggie.

Potential Pushbacks

I know I said that I’d wait till I moved to post, but I can’t wait!

So much has been going on in my life as of late. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I am supposed to move out on August 14th. Things may or may not have changed. At this moment I am waiting on a staff meeting to go over the rules and regulations one more time so I know what is going on and what is expected of me. I also have to wait for a crimiinal background check. If these things do not happen before this Friday, the 11th, I may not move on next Monday as expected. Not all is lost however, even if the move gets pushed back from its original date, that gives me time to prepare for it even more. This also gives me time to enjoy my life without a curfew; to hang with my friends a lot more and have greater freedoms. When I move in I will be on a lockdown for a full 30 days. I can only leave my apartment for food, doctor visits and group outings such as going to the gym. I also don’t know if my friends can come and visit me at my apartment rather than me going out to see them. It is getting very confusingi to me as to how the curfew relates to things such as group. I am supposed to put at least 20 hours a week with PSR groups (Psycho Social Rehab.), volunteering and work at a job. Yes, the program that I will soon be a part of will maybe help me look into further employment as time marches on.

At least I think that is how it is supposed to happen. I may be wrong, this is why I will have to go over the rules and guidelines–my questions will be answered then. I need this all done before I move in, I don’t want to start on a bad foot and get in trouble the instant I move in! I am finding it more difficult to fall asleep now a days; I am just getting so excited to move in to my brand new apartment. I will make new friends I am sure; I may even make a few enimies (I hope not!). I was in a similar program when I was 21 and on my own. I graduated the program and had all restructions removed. This included, but did not limit, my curfew, being able to stay out all night and was not forced to be in your own apartment during certain hours. After graduation I could even be purely nocternal. Life sure was great back then. I will conquer this new program and be free again! Now I leave this blog to relax and start packing in the next few days. I am hungry now, must eat! じゃね~


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A couple of days ago I made an account on My Anime List. After two days I have accumliated over 30 unique posts, made a few friends and filled up my profile something fierce. My name on the site is Stockpile. I am also in their IRC chat, #myanimelist @ The link to my profile, and their website, is

Sadly, my move day may have been postponed. I still have to pass background checks (ez task). The 14th is still set, just not in diamond. It will be close, though :-)

I will post again once I get moved and settled in!

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