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Cup of Jo

I have officially started programming in Java. I have some limited Java experience from my senior year in high school from Programming AP. I didn’t do so hot in the class: the teacher didn’t “teach” me squat. This lack of teaching made for some bad times when finals came along. I had to debug the “Fish” program. To his credit he was a good teacher; he was well versed in BASIC and C++, but I think he had to learn Java alongside me. He taught me many tricks and tips and made me one mean BASIC and C++ coder… just failed to do the Java thing.

Much to my surprise I found my old AP textbook. It cost $30 at the time and taught me quite a bit, but not enough to make anything spectacular. It basically taught me basic input/output. I tried asking for help in the later chapters but as he was learning the language at the same time I was, he was not much help. I remember the basics of Java (I/O), but forgot the dirty details. To show this, this is the classic “Hello World!” programming in Java. This prints “Hello there, world!” to the console.

public class Hello
public static void main(String[] args)
System.out.println(“Hello there, world!”);

I know simple things such as if/else, switch, loops, etc., just forget stuff like JFrame. I need to learn JFrame so I can do graphical things! My main goal is to make an IRC client. This is by no means a simple task, even for an experienced programmer. This is my final goal in Java. I must master JFrame and networking to get it all together! The hello world script is pretty much the simplest thing there is. My first gooey goal is a working calculator… only then can I move on to the IRC client! If anyone feels like helping out, send me an e-mail at

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Final Fantasy with Programming Perils

I am head deep into Final Fantasy I. I just hit the first dungeon area! I have a fighter, thief, red mage and black mage. I am having so much fun on this classic.

While playing Final Fantasy I, I have been on my python calculator. I have run into a coder’s block. Let’s just say that I am stuck between a loop and a hard spot.

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Lonely Stuffs and KC Buffs

Well I am still pretty lonely; I miss having a lady friend. On the plus side, I should be on my way to see family and friends up in Kansas City, MO! The trip is scheduled for next Wednesday, May 31. I get to visit my Jewish Aunt & Uncle along with the multitude of cousins I have up there. Aunt and Uncle range from 71 to 66 and my cousins from age ~46 down to 18. I can’t wait to get out of town for a week and visit them all! :-)

Last night the power went out for most of the West part of town. I was at a friend’s house at the time, but my mother informed me of the incident. Pretty scary since the tornado hit Joplin about six years ago! Well we are all okay now so all is well :-)

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First Python Calculator

I have made my first GUI program with Python. It is very basic and crude. It adds, multiplys, subtracts, and divides numbers and decimals. I am going to enhance it later on this week! You need to have Python installed on your system in order to run it; there are no extra addons needed in order to run it. You can run it on any operating system! The source code is listed below on pastebin.

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Revamped my blog. The last post I had was about 1.5 years old; out with the old content, in with the new! I promise this time I will post more often! I have disabled comments because I want this blog to be purely my own thoughts. If you insist on voicing your opinion, send me an e-mail at or by any other outlet advertised in my Contact page.

I spend most of my days either working out, playing on my gaming consoles, or programming random crap with Python or C#. I am also in the works of remaking my comic book collection database in Excel; I lost my old one somewhere. All my backups turned out nothing!

I fixed my Gamecube! With my Gamecube fixed, I will start a new file on Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door! I also plan on getting a new file on Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Call me silly, but I simply love the Paper Mario games.