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Finished Title and a Good Score

I finished the last episode of Gamers! yesterday. They left it in a cliffhanger position. Will they continue their gaming? What will happen with the “love pentagon” they have going on? I love this show and I really hope they do make a second season. Speaking of good anime, I got word thanks to MAL, that there may be Toaru Majutsu no Index III. Another sequel to the Magical Index series (and lets not forget the Railgun series). A second season of One Punch Man is also on the way soon, but I have no idea when it is coming out.

I went bowling today and had a blast! My high score was 109; I averaged 96 points. Considering I usually average in the 45-50 range, I did quite well. My all time high is 157, but I think that was a fluke :p

Now it is time to play on my N64 and go grocery shopping later. See you guys later~ :)

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Just. Plain. Incredible

Today was a fun day. Myself along with about thirty other people went to Incredible Pizza in Springfield, MO. The 80 minute road trip was fun enough, but there was an all you can eat buffet to boot! After stuffing myself with nachos and cola, I hit the arcade they had there. I had a free five dollar pass. I spent $3 on a crane game and failed miserably. I spent the last two bucks on a DDR style game. It was on a piano; it was a ton of fun. We were there until 1:30pm and got back on the bus (I was in a van :p) and hit the road back to home. What a great day it was! Tomorrow we are going bowling. I might luck out and play some chess beforehand!

I have 18 days left on my probation. After that I can hang out with my buds Ferg and H (nicknames) and maybe visit others in different towns. I can also go to the video store and rent some games once I get paid. I am still hooked on Diablo III: Reaper of Souls but I want another game to break up the play circle so I don’t get bored with it. I can also get back into Aura Kingdom.

I have the latest two episodes of Dragon Ball Super that I need to watch. At the moment the fluff : action ratio is about 1 : 2 so it’s sort of interesting atm.

I suppose I need to game a bit and browse Facebook. So I’m gonna watch DBS, post on Facebook, and finally put some Aura Kingdom time in! Ja~!


A couple of days ago I made an account on My Anime List. After two days I have accumliated over 30 unique posts, made a few friends and filled up my profile something fierce. My name on the site is Stockpile. I am also in their IRC chat, #myanimelist @ The link to my profile, and their website, is

Sadly, my move day may have been postponed. I still have to pass background checks (ez task). The 14th is still set, just not in diamond. It will be close, though :-)

I will post again once I get moved and settled in!

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