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It’s been 167 days since my last post. I am still alive, folks! Not much has been going on over the past few months. I am still seeing the same girl and things are going swimmingly. I am starting the process of finding a job soon. I have a meeting tomorrow at 11 am for intake and assessment to find out what I am good for.

I am hoping to land a job at a video store, game store, comic book store or a combination of three like Vintage Stock. I am so ready to get a new job it’s not even funny. I would even work in fast food if I had to. Now I really don’t want to work in fast food, but if I had to ask, “Do you want fries with that?” in order to make a buck, I will. I am only looking for part time work at the moment and have to bounce thru hoops in order to keep important things like insurance. I am actually hoping for nothing more than minimum wage working around 20 hours a week. That will get me out of my apartment and away from those God forsaken groups that eat away time. The only good part about the groups is hey, free gym membership. When I get a job, my gym time will suffer and I will lose my free membership; I will have to reapply and pay out of my own pocket.

One Punch Man season 2 came out last month! So far eight episodes have been released and I am Johnny on the spot in terms of viewing them. I have all of season 1, the OVA, all of the specials and the soundtrack. I am an OPM nerd!

The weather here has been crazy. The tornado sirens went off six times last Wednesday, May 22nd. Just in time for the eight year anniversary of the EF-5 tornado that totaled the city and caused over 150 fatalities. Thankfully only three to five people died this round. Speaking of deaths, a family member of mine passed away last Thursday in the morning hours. Please keep his wife, children, and other close family members in your prayers.

I promise I will update the “Personal Blog for the Public World” more often now. I plan on updating two to three times a week from here on out! :P

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Ghost in the Job

I have new employment! Well sort of anyway. I applied to a video store just for kicks. I got an interview and I suddenly wanted to work there really badly. Unfortunately I didn’t get that job. On the plus side, a friend of mine is “hiring” me to watch his kid while he and his wife are busy with work, rest and the like. Any money is good money, so I am happy. Even if I didn’t get my “dream job” at a video store, I will be doing something to help someone and get paid for it. I don’t know the exact rate of pay as of yet, but like I said, any money is good money. I am very happy to help them out and just as happy to have a small sort of additional income. I am very excited about this. I start tomorrow and go thru Saturday to Monday this week. I am basically going to almost quadruple my spending funds if this goes all the way!

So I have been on the hunt for a bulk pack of Ghost in the Shell. I found what I was looking for! I found a torrent that has it all. All of the movies, series and OVAs. The only thing I am missing now is the live action movie with Scarlett Johansson. The torrent is 29.1GB but I can nab it at 4.3mbps so it will download quickly. I am surprised that the torrent is as small as it is. I am excited to start watching Ghost in the Shell all over again!

I will begin work on my comic book database next Wednesday. I estimate it will take about two weeks to fully complete, so that is something to look forward to. I think I have around 175 to 200 comic books, but I am not sure. That number can be lower or higher, who knows?

I have updated my contact page and removed fatty tracker. I am off to shop for shoes and vittles. Take care, fellow nerds!


I have found out some good news! Sword Art Online III is coming out in October! It is coming out in 7 countries; a YouTube video on the subject can be found here.

I just finished SAO II and the ending made me shed a few tears. I have yet to see the movie; I plan on doing that very soon!

That’s all, just wanted to share the news of season three of SAO!

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Weighty WP Zombies

Today is a happy day! I confirm that I have lost indeed 16 pounds on a scale while fully clothed. That leaves me at 314 unclothed and 317 clothed, shoes and all on. I learned how to poach an egg today! My goal weight is 295 to 300 around the start of October. This is a very realistic goal considering that I am now able to work out three to five days a week. By “working out” I mean running, cycling, weight lifting, volleyball, basketball and swimming. I enjoy all of these activities; although I am not the best basketball player around ;)

I want suggestions on a new anime style wallpaper. Please send them my way. If you want to gain access to my Facebook page, it is located on my contact information page. I also have IRC and discord links up as well. I am waiting on your suggestions!

I have been watching horror movies and Naruto with my girlfriend. It is a lot of fun having someone who likes the same kind of movies and anime that you do! Tonight I rented Night of the Living Dead. The classic zombie movie; fuck your zombie apocalypse shows, this is how real zombies behave! B)

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New Additions

I have been quite the busy body today. I got up at 9am sharp, got cleaned up, then hit the town. I got on the trolley, rode for 45 minutes to my stop and picked up some cab coupons. With $160 of cab fare in my hand, I waited another 25 minutes for the same trolley to come back around. I rode it back to the hill below my apartment and sweated my butt off as I climbed said hill.

When I got home I popped in some Blue Collar Comedy and spent a few hours laughing my rear end off. Then I played some Ocarina of Time and killed time until a meeting at 4. After the meeting, I spent some time with Ferg watching “Whose Line is it Anyway?”.

Back at my apartment I shaved my beard in the style of a goatee due to request. After I did that and ate dinner I made a new wallpaper; Naruto style! It is of a young Kakashi. I put it on my deviant art account. You can get to it via my contact information page. I may be updating the look of my blog sometime in the future! Here is a small preview of my newly made wallpaper!

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