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Return Trip and More Java

I spent my last day in Kansas City, MO. in the pool. Five hours in the pool with no sunscreen. I have a pretty good size sunburn; most of it is on my shoulders and back. I swam 40 laps and played a bunch of water polo. It was glorious fun! I figure that it had better be fun——I spent $10 for a entrance fee!

I got a big bag of comic books from my cousin and her husband. I have no idea how many are in the bag, but it has to be more than 50! Means I need to expand my database…

I finished my password generator program in Java. I found my old book from high school from my ap programming class. I am going to re-read it in hopes that Java will come back to me. I need to relearn the concepts of OOP. My password program consists of three classes plus the main one, “”. I made a GitHub account to post my stuff on. There is only one on it at the moment, my generator. I hope people find it useful. I posted the source and the bin files. If you need help in running, or compiling the program, let me know on Facebook, IRC, or e-mail and I will help. The source is here, and the binary files are here. Enjoy!

WW1 Museum

Went to a World War I museum today; here are some pics.

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Big KC Update

Hi there! I arrived in Kansas City, MO last Thursday and am scheduled to return to Joplin this coming Saturday. So far it has been a blast. I have seen many of my family and friends and have had a great time!

On Friday we had a shabbatt and it was great; looking forward to the next Friday!

On Saturday my Aunt, Uncle, and 10 year old cousin went to the Nelson-Atkins museum and spent an hour or two there… great fun!

Yesterday my Aunt, Uncle, and 10 year old cousin went and saw Captain Underpants. You know it’s a good movie when the lead antagonist’s name is “Professor Pooppants”. I’d give the movie a 9/10.

If all goes well this Thursday my Cousin Pat, cousin Josh and myself will get a chance to see the World War I museum… I look forward to it!

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