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Fishy Business and Such

This past Thursday I went to the Neosho Fishing Hatchery in Neosho, Missouri. At first I thought that it was going to be a boring, run of the mill, trip to see a bunch of lame fish. Boy howdy was I wrong! I have never seen a full grown sturgeon until now. Those things can grow to be huuuuuuuge! I wonder how aggressive they are; there were also large and small mouth bass in the same tank. There was a pond where you can feed the fish. There were bass and rainbow trout in the pond, I didn’t see any sturgeons in the pond. You were allotted two cups of food. I took my time feeding the suckers bit by bit at first, but then I tossed an entire cup in the pond at once. It was like watching a royal rumble XD. There were also a few huge tanks full of minnows–they were cute :).

I need ideas for a project in either Java or Python. My bot idea flopped because I have no idea what to add to it. Weather bots and trivia bots are so cliched. I am thinking of a simple game where the guy just jumps over obstacles, but that’s been done to death, too. It’s gotta be something in Java or Python, I don’t find much interest in C#, C++, C or the like. I am more comfortable in Python and am getting used to Java. Just pitch me some ideas on Facebook, shoot me an e-mail or use any other contact methods.

I finished watching a mini-series called Sinner. It came on USA and lasted eight episodes. I am not going to go into much detail about it other than it kicks some serious ass. Informaiton can be found right here:

Now it is time for some TV. New seasons on great and new shows are coming on tonight!

Picnic Basket!

I went on a picnic today. The heat was unbearable, but the food was fantastic! It was at Shimmerhorn Park in Galena, Kansas. There was a pretty cool cave about a mile into the center of the park. The temperature was at least fifteen degrees cooler inside the cave; there was a small river running inside! The cave was meant to explore! I think I saw some baby stalactites!

There was also a nifty nature center at the top of a huge hill. They had snakes, turtles, bugs, and even… TARANTULAS! I also learned how to skip rocks! I managed to skip a rock three times in one throw.

It went great until I started having asthma problems; I made it through alive, though, so not to worry! I am looking forward to going to the fish hatchery tomorrow.

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Alex has been Demolished

I woke up today wanting to play a few friendly games of chess. My first opponent claimed to be a rookie, so I showed him some good strategy and let him win so he would get a better grasp of the game. The second time I played for real, I showed no mercy, I played my heart out… and he mopped the floor with me. I played him a third time and he beat me yet again! Call me stupid, but I think he hustled me. I’m just glad all I lost was a bit of my pride and nothing else. Next time I play this guy, I’m going to play like I do at chess club against the big boys; no mercy will be shown to my opponent–blood will flow (in a metaphorical sense).

After three grueling games of chess, I decided to go with the group and go miniature golfing. I had my worst game ever. My score was…. 80…. The lowest (and best) score you can get is 18. That’s a hole in one on each hole. The way we played was if you didn’t make it in by six, you took a score of six and moved to the next hole. I was doing wonderful until hole number 12. That’s when the course got topsy-tirvy. Even though I came in LAST, I still had a good time :).

I had a scare with Aura Kingdom. I thought my mount got deleted, but instead Aeria games switched the system up. When the mount icon is clicked, it is equipped (not mounted). Instead to mount up, the player needs to press Shift+R. That will mount your equipped mount. I’m relieved that my mount didn’t go bye bye!

To end this post I would like to wish Buttons a happy birthday! Enjoy your burger, Buttons! I will scratch your fuzzy head when I see you next!


Springfield Zoo

I went to the Springfield zoo today. I was with a small group of about 25. I saw hippos, giraffes, alligators, monkeys, tigers, bears, lions, wolves, bobcats, and many more cool zoo-time animals. The trip was about six hours. One hour there, one back, and about four hours hitting the zoo. Pretty much the only thing I didn’t see was an ape. I was bummed that I didn’t get to see that one animal.

One of the other things that impressed me was the fact that I saw five peacocks that were free to roam. That’s right, no cages or anything. They could walk right up to your face if they wanted to. Another cool thing was the giraffes. I didn’t know that giraffes had black tongues. They’re long, too!

I hope to go back here real soon! じゃね!

— アラックス

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Just. Plain. Incredible

Today was a fun day. Myself along with about thirty other people went to Incredible Pizza in Springfield, MO. The 80 minute road trip was fun enough, but there was an all you can eat buffet to boot! After stuffing myself with nachos and cola, I hit the arcade they had there. I had a free five dollar pass. I spent $3 on a crane game and failed miserably. I spent the last two bucks on a DDR style game. It was on a piano; it was a ton of fun. We were there until 1:30pm and got back on the bus (I was in a van :p) and hit the road back to home. What a great day it was! Tomorrow we are going bowling. I might luck out and play some chess beforehand!

I have 18 days left on my probation. After that I can hang out with my buds Ferg and H (nicknames) and maybe visit others in different towns. I can also go to the video store and rent some games once I get paid. I am still hooked on Diablo III: Reaper of Souls but I want another game to break up the play circle so I don’t get bored with it. I can also get back into Aura Kingdom.

I have the latest two episodes of Dragon Ball Super that I need to watch. At the moment the fluff : action ratio is about 1 : 2 so it’s sort of interesting atm.

I suppose I need to game a bit and browse Facebook. So I’m gonna watch DBS, post on Facebook, and finally put some Aura Kingdom time in! Ja~!

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