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Diablo Bot

I am putting my Java bot on hold for a little bit. I am instead going to play some more Diablo III: Reaper of Souls on my PS3. I have been watching a lot of Game Grumps on YouTube on my PS3 as well!

I want to get netflix and/or the WWE Network. Both are pretty much $10 bux so I might be able to get one… but which one shall I get? Maybe I should get both? I don’t know! :-(.

Programming this bot comes after my gaming! Oh yeah, I am looking forward to a bonfire… yay! 100 words is enough!

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Sun Burnt Bot

The sun burn I acquired in Kansas City is pretty much gone. All that is left is a bunch of peeling skin. I have decided to wait until next month before I go swimming again. When I do I plan on going during a free swim day; I do not want to shell out five dollars to take a dip in a pool. I could go to another pool for only four dollars, but I would have to work around the trolley schedule to take me home… not going to happen, folks! Yes I have no car and have to rely on public transportation, but I do have a reason! I have a pretty bad seizure disorder and I am not allowed to drive a car, truck, or pretty much anything shy of a bicycle.

Change of subject! I have started work on my latest programming challenge: an IRC bot written in Java. For this I will need to master sockets and dive even further into polymorphism. Polymorphism won’t be too much of a challenge. The real pain comes in reading and writing sockets successfully. When I get part of it up and running, I will make a Git Hub page for it. So far I just have a skeleton. When the program is run it prints out “It is working!” Over the next few days I plan on tackling reading input and making output while keeping a sound working structure. As my friend/mentor told me, “The only way to learn is to take on difficult tasks and challenge yourself.”

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Return Trip and More Java

I spent my last day in Kansas City, MO. in the pool. Five hours in the pool with no sunscreen. I have a pretty good size sunburn; most of it is on my shoulders and back. I swam 40 laps and played a bunch of water polo. It was glorious fun! I figure that it had better be fun——I spent $10 for a entrance fee!

I got a big bag of comic books from my cousin and her husband. I have no idea how many are in the bag, but it has to be more than 50! Means I need to expand my database…

I finished my password generator program in Java. I found my old book from high school from my ap programming class. I am going to re-read it in hopes that Java will come back to me. I need to relearn the concepts of OOP. My password program consists of three classes plus the main one, “”. I made a GitHub account to post my stuff on. There is only one on it at the moment, my generator. I hope people find it useful. I posted the source and the bin files. If you need help in running, or compiling the program, let me know on Facebook, IRC, or e-mail and I will help. The source is here, and the binary files are here. Enjoy!

Cup of Jo

I have officially started programming in Java. I have some limited Java experience from my senior year in high school from Programming AP. I didn’t do so hot in the class: the teacher didn’t “teach” me squat. This lack of teaching made for some bad times when finals came along. I had to debug the “Fish” program. To his credit he was a good teacher; he was well versed in BASIC and C++, but I think he had to learn Java alongside me. He taught me many tricks and tips and made me one mean BASIC and C++ coder… just failed to do the Java thing.

Much to my surprise I found my old AP textbook. It cost $30 at the time and taught me quite a bit, but not enough to make anything spectacular. It basically taught me basic input/output. I tried asking for help in the later chapters but as he was learning the language at the same time I was, he was not much help. I remember the basics of Java (I/O), but forgot the dirty details. To show this, this is the classic “Hello World!” programming in Java. This prints “Hello there, world!” to the console.

public class Hello
public static void main(String[] args)
System.out.println(“Hello there, world!”);

I know simple things such as if/else, switch, loops, etc., just forget stuff like JFrame. I need to learn JFrame so I can do graphical things! My main goal is to make an IRC client. This is by no means a simple task, even for an experienced programmer. This is my final goal in Java. I must master JFrame and networking to get it all together! The hello world script is pretty much the simplest thing there is. My first gooey goal is a working calculator… only then can I move on to the IRC client! If anyone feels like helping out, send me an e-mail at

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Final Fantasy with Programming Perils

I am head deep into Final Fantasy I. I just hit the first dungeon area! I have a fighter, thief, red mage and black mage. I am having so much fun on this classic.

While playing Final Fantasy I, I have been on my python calculator. I have run into a coder’s block. Let’s just say that I am stuck between a loop and a hard spot.

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