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Old Consoles Live Hard

Managed to get my 64 working. Needs a new controller; my current one has a loose joystick. I can still play, though! I don’t know what to play… I think I’ll pop in Super Mario 64! If only I had my old SNES; the tornado took it back in May 2011. Oh well, I’m going to watch TV and play SM64!

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Just. Plain. Incredible

Today was a fun day. Myself along with about thirty other people went to Incredible Pizza in Springfield, MO. The 80 minute road trip was fun enough, but there was an all you can eat buffet to boot! After stuffing myself with nachos and cola, I hit the arcade they had there. I had a free five dollar pass. I spent $3 on a crane game and failed miserably. I spent the last two bucks on a DDR style game. It was on a piano; it was a ton of fun. We were there until 1:30pm and got back on the bus (I was in a van :p) and hit the road back to home. What a great day it was! Tomorrow we are going bowling. I might luck out and play some chess beforehand!

I have 18 days left on my probation. After that I can hang out with my buds Ferg and H (nicknames) and maybe visit others in different towns. I can also go to the video store and rent some games once I get paid. I am still hooked on Diablo III: Reaper of Souls but I want another game to break up the play circle so I don’t get bored with it. I can also get back into Aura Kingdom.

I have the latest two episodes of Dragon Ball Super that I need to watch. At the moment the fluff : action ratio is about 1 : 2 so it’s sort of interesting atm.

I suppose I need to game a bit and browse Facebook. So I’m gonna watch DBS, post on Facebook, and finally put some Aura Kingdom time in! Ja~!

Claiming Independent Gaming

I hope everyone had a good holiday! I went to a pool party slash bonfire on the 1st. We didn’t shoot off any fireworks that night, though. I did hang out with some friends on July 4th to shoot off some fire boomers. I spent about four to five hours hanging with my friend, Kyle, and his kin. The good part is that clean up was a breeze; the fireworks were not only shot in the street but the fact that since it was not your own home you could skate a bit off the cleaning job :-).

I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but I started playing TERA again. I re-familiarized myself with my 65 sorcerer and am as deadly as ever on it. I also started a slayer named Pewf; he is level 39, almost 40, at the time of this post. I haven’t played my level 60 warrior yet, but plan on it tonight or tomorrow. I am doing every single zone quest out there. This includes backtracking to the low level areas to catch up. Even though I am hitting all of these areas, I am still levelling up at a pretty decent pace. I am still waiting for Ferg to catch up :p.

Hitting Hard in TERA

I have finished downloading TERA on Steam. It took the greater part of 28 hours of downloading and patching but it was worth it. Just as soon as it was done patching I immediately logged on. While the level cap didn’t increase or anything (which is good because I don’t need to level) but I made a new character anyway. The reason for this is because I don’t want to have to reteach myself the move combos, etc. I made a popo slayer named Pewf. While I am going to make this character all the way to 65, I still have plans to relearn the sorcerer class.

If anyone wants to play with me, just download the client and join the Celestial Hills (PVE) server. While it is PVE, there are still battlegrounds and duels to be had! At the time of this writing Pewf is level 7. I am waiting for a friend to install TERA and catch up so we can play together. If you wanna play with me just send me an e-mail or contact me on Facebook.

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Diablo Bot

I am putting my Java bot on hold for a little bit. I am instead going to play some more Diablo III: Reaper of Souls on my PS3. I have been watching a lot of Game Grumps on YouTube on my PS3 as well!

I want to get netflix and/or the WWE Network. Both are pretty much $10 bux so I might be able to get one… but which one shall I get? Maybe I should get both? I don’t know! :-(.

Programming this bot comes after my gaming! Oh yeah, I am looking forward to a bonfire… yay! 100 words is enough!

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