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Mish Mash

So sorry that I haven’t updated my blog in quite some time. There just hasn’t been anything worth writing about. I got to go the gym three times this week instead of just two.

I ran into some guy I went to high school with this week. He was a douche then and he is a douche now. He claims to have been and all-star football player for the high school team. I know every athlete from the classes of 2004 to 2009 in most all of the sports… all he did was cause trouble, he was far from being an athlete. Anyway, he tired to start something the other day; he tried to provoke me. I let it slide by laughing :p.

The carpet floors in the main hallways of the building have all been uprooted and replaced with hardwood flooring! This has forced all of the usual classes to be replaced by going to another building. This is why I went to the gym three times this week instead of two. I even got to check out some scary and cool/funny movies this week! I rented Scream, Rocky Balboa, and Animal House! I guess it’s a grab bag of movies rather than a few scary/cool ones :p.

I have at least 200 comic books and still haven’t gotten around to organizing them. Should I continue with my spreadsheet, sell some, what?? I would like your opinion on this matter :).

My parents will be celebrating their 37th anniversary this Halloween. I am glad you are both happy and have stuck it out through thick and thin over these past almost four decades! Enjoy it!


Alex has been Demolished

I woke up today wanting to play a few friendly games of chess. My first opponent claimed to be a rookie, so I showed him some good strategy and let him win so he would get a better grasp of the game. The second time I played for real, I showed no mercy, I played my heart out… and he mopped the floor with me. I played him a third time and he beat me yet again! Call me stupid, but I think he hustled me. I’m just glad all I lost was a bit of my pride and nothing else. Next time I play this guy, I’m going to play like I do at chess club against the big boys; no mercy will be shown to my opponent–blood will flow (in a metaphorical sense).

After three grueling games of chess, I decided to go with the group and go miniature golfing. I had my worst game ever. My score was…. 80…. The lowest (and best) score you can get is 18. That’s a hole in one on each hole. The way we played was if you didn’t make it in by six, you took a score of six and moved to the next hole. I was doing wonderful until hole number 12. That’s when the course got topsy-tirvy. Even though I came in LAST, I still had a good time :).

I had a scare with Aura Kingdom. I thought my mount got deleted, but instead Aeria games switched the system up. When the mount icon is clicked, it is equipped (not mounted). Instead to mount up, the player needs to press Shift+R. That will mount your equipped mount. I’m relieved that my mount didn’t go bye bye!

To end this post I would like to wish Buttons a happy birthday! Enjoy your burger, Buttons! I will scratch your fuzzy head when I see you next!