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Brrrrr Fall

I hope everyone had a good Halloween, fall is in full swing and it is starting to get colder outside! I went to a bonfire on the 28th of October and I had a blast! There was a ton of alcohol and food to satisfy at least 20+ people. I took Ferg and H along and they seemed to enjoy it. I played pool while I was there and I quickly learned that I am not a shark. I kept scratching and knocking the 8 ball in too early!

It looks like the next major holiday is Thanksgiving. Egg nog is already on the shelves and I couldn’t be any happier. Egg nog is my favorite drink of all time! I don’t like it with alcohol, though. Alcohol and egg nog mixed makes me sick to my stomach.

I am going to an employment agency on Friday to see about getting a temp job that will agree with my situation and medical insurance.

I am re-watching Dragonball and playing TERA heavily. I need to make more time to play Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. I am only level 12, so there is plenty of game left to play! Speaking of games, I witnessed Ferg beat South Park: Stick of Truth in under 24 hours! I want to play South Park: The Fractured but Whole now! I finished Gamers! and it had a cliffhanger ending. Speaking of cliffhanger endings, One Punch Man season 2 is under the works! I am going to start watching Konohana Kitan soon.

Time to get some groceries at the store and replenish my food supply. Then I’m going to play some TERA!

Mish Mash

So sorry that I haven’t updated my blog in quite some time. There just hasn’t been anything worth writing about. I got to go the gym three times this week instead of just two.

I ran into some guy I went to high school with this week. He was a douche then and he is a douche now. He claims to have been and all-star football player for the high school team. I know every athlete from the classes of 2004 to 2009 in most all of the sports… all he did was cause trouble, he was far from being an athlete. Anyway, he tired to start something the other day; he tried to provoke me. I let it slide by laughing :p.

The carpet floors in the main hallways of the building have all been uprooted and replaced with hardwood flooring! This has forced all of the usual classes to be replaced by going to another building. This is why I went to the gym three times this week instead of two. I even got to check out some scary and cool/funny movies this week! I rented Scream, Rocky Balboa, and Animal House! I guess it’s a grab bag of movies rather than a few scary/cool ones :p.

I have at least 200 comic books and still haven’t gotten around to organizing them. Should I continue with my spreadsheet, sell some, what?? I would like your opinion on this matter :).

My parents will be celebrating their 37th anniversary this Halloween. I am glad you are both happy and have stuck it out through thick and thin over these past almost four decades! Enjoy it!


Finished Title and a Good Score

I finished the last episode of Gamers! yesterday. They left it in a cliffhanger position. Will they continue their gaming? What will happen with the “love pentagon” they have going on? I love this show and I really hope they do make a second season. Speaking of good anime, I got word thanks to MAL, that there may be Toaru Majutsu no Index III. Another sequel to the Magical Index series (and lets not forget the Railgun series). A second season of One Punch Man is also on the way soon, but I have no idea when it is coming out.

I went bowling today and had a blast! My high score was 109; I averaged 96 points. Considering I usually average in the 45-50 range, I did quite well. My all time high is 157, but I think that was a fluke :p

Now it is time to play on my N64 and go grocery shopping later. See you guys later~ :)

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He’s Lean, Mean, & Green!

Today I did something I haven’t done since high school. I did a 5K :D. I decided to look at the televisions they had mounted up, and about 30 minutes later I peeked at my distance and it said 5.1 Kilometers! I was shocked at to how easy it was, I wasn’t winded at all! I also did some lat, bicep, delt and some ab work on the side. I never thought I’d enjoy aerobics until now!

I’m excited! Now I’m gonna clean up and game for a bit :)

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Alex has a New Laptop!

The best thing happened today. The “L” key on my laptop busted clean off. I was perfectly willing to try and deal with not having this key, but my parents surprised me with something goooood. They got me a brand new laptop. It’s super fast and has that new computer smell :-).

It was gonna be a Christmas gift, but I guess I needed it now. I was going to hint that I needed a new laptop before Christmas, so it’s a win-win! I have spent the past four hours installing updates and putting programs and my data on the new machine. I have no idea what I am going to do with my old laptop… it really is puzzling.

I am so happy! By Tuesday or Wednesday I should be 100% ready to rock!

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